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YesWe accept all Major Credit/Debit cards handled by Paypal and other payment gateways. We also have option to Pay on delivery (COD).

The only information to signup your Ziingo.com account is name,email and phone numbers. If you want to order any product or item on Ziingo.com - Grocery, You are required to provide us your delivery address.

All prices on Ziingo Grocery are provided by the participating sellers and stores. Ziingo Grocery does not inflate price for our users. We work hard to make sure you get the best price or even lesser than the price brick and mortar shops are selling. That is the beauty of Ziingo Grocery.

We accept major credit/debit cards- Handled by Paypal other payment gateways. We Also accept bank transfer and Pay on Delivery- (COD).

When we receive your order. Our highly trained team will process your order and work with the relevant Sellers to make sure your order is process/dispatch on time.

Each order specify different time of delivery. When we process your order and confirm to you via electronic message that we are processing it for delivery. The delivery time must be stated in the electronic message. Typical normal orders are received within 45 minutes at best depends on location of the customer. 

You can order unlimited items on Ziingo Grocery

Yes,There is minimum order but it varies on each Store. Make sure you check minimum order specify by vendors when ordering from any restaurants listed on Ziingo Grocery

Normally all products or items ordered on Ziingo Food attracts delivery fees which is set at RM2.00 per kilometer. However, We do give free delivery to active customers some days of the week.